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Anonymous said:
you should do more tutorials

I’ll whip one up right now.  Send in requests for more and stuff you’d like to know how to do.

Anonymous said:
Your theme is BEAUTIFUL!

Shut the fuck up! Thank you so much, theme maker is on the bottom right.

Anonymous said:
any idea for idea for first time tasks for a rp?

Do something simple. 

  • Family Tree (Parents, Siblings and Best Friend)
  • Child Hood Write three paragraphs about your character Childhood.
  • MoodBoard week. Everyday for the next Five days. Post a mood board for your character, so on and so forth.

I think you get the idea that you should just use simple ice breakers.

Anythinghphotoshop presents: Writing Urban Characters.

Urban is living in a highly populated city. Weather it be rural or High end. Take this Guide with a grain of salt. It’s pretty short, just to clear up and misconceptions. Take out the little things that will make your character complete-ish

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hey lovely! <3 could you pls give us a shoutout? we're a Harry Potter: Marauders Era AU RPG set in Modern Times with no end game ships. We're also looking for a co-admin! Oh and we're a skeleton RP so mini bios are being released every day. Thanks so much xoxox

Go check them out, guys. 


Anonymous said:
Do you make headers for fansite blogs?

Yes, we do. Send in a request. 


Anonymous said:
hey babe, i'm creating a group about 12 young adults that find out they have the power to turn the power off around the world and are moved..but i have no idea what to use as a background image, could you help me think of one?

Well, try to think of where they are going to be you know? If not, trying to like use a solid color and a sidebar with an image or edit you know. Think location or you know deeper into the plot. If not, try something like a city view with no lights.


Anonymous said:
a guide on writing urban characters

This will be coming right now.



If you are like me, you use <sub> to make your text smaller well for some reason that isn’t working anymore so switch to <small> and it should work. I hope that helped because Tumblr doesn’t let you know shit like this.


Can we please get a shoutout? We're a new roleplay group loosely based on Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. Four Elements Island is an island specifically governed for manipulators, who are considered 'wicked' and 'wrong' in most societies. In a world where these elements can be controlled by certain humans, will they be used for good or evil? We accept at 10 applications or on Sept 8th!

Check them out! This sounds pretty ace, I hope you are using POC’s!