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We just hit our second hundred followers the other night and I decided to make this little pack and give away for all of you to use and enjoy.  It’s not a lot but I hope you guys enjoy and thanks for letting us help you.

this pack includes:  

  • 10 psds  
  • 1 gif sharpen action
  • 1 color action
  • 6 Six light leaks

please don’t repost any of these or claim them as your own

and make sure to like/reblog if you download

URL GIVEAWAY: message me to get them
  • Heyygallagher
  • iancmilkovich
  • ffionaggallagher
  • monicagallagher
  • mmandsmilkovich
  • mmickeygallagher

Guys, while I hunt to make my rp happen. Send in some url’s and stuff for me to do.


Anonymous said:
it's a talk blog

If they post resources, help the rpc and help fellow rper’s they are a rp help and we will not review them. Are we clear?


Anonymous said:

Again, No reviews on RPH’s. We don’t do things like that, guys.

Anonymous said:
a younger brother to Dylan O' Brien?

Jeremy Shada is a perfect match, no other options.


What’s up with you guys not requesting anything? Stop that, request something. We do theme makeovers, graphic request, icon request  and tutorials. Send something in like seriously, I’m bored. If not, let’s talk rp. 

Anonymous said:
gigs is so going to die.



Anyone need anything,  I cleaned out my inbox and I’m open for business .


Could we please get a shout out from you for our biorp? GTV is a successful network that is based on shows just for teens. Though that success does come at a price. Crazy schedules, paparazzi,critics, mobs of fans and all of the temptation this life offers. All it takes is just one little mistake and your whole world could come crashing down. We really are in need of males, but female apps are still welcome! We only need four more apps before we accept! Thank you!

Go  check them out.


Walt Disney created a legacy that has lasted for decades. But it seems all those characters he created are alive and living among us as spirits, echoes of their silver screen selves. But when Chernabog, the villainous demon of Fantasia, decides he wants to rid the world of good, the disney spirits take over the bodies of guests at Disney World on it’s 43rd Anniversary in an attempt to hide from his wrath. Could we please get a shoutout?

Take a look at them.