My old master post is outdated and some of the links don’t work and blah blah blah. So I’m posting a new and improved master post that includes versions for non English speakers. None of these verisons have been tested on Mac’s because I don’t have one but try a few out and see if they work. ENJOY.

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Someone requested for me to show them how to make rp icons. So here you go nonnie. Here is how I make my rp icons.


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psd 19 → MF

*contains  vibrance, a psd for ‘Multifandom’. Works best with most scenes adjust brightness and color balance for some. Best used for bringing a red-ish color.

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How to Create a Basic Edit (TUTORIAL)


● This is a basic graphic edit that will work on almost anything. This requires basic Photoshop skills.

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katnissthemockinqjay said: Hi. You're tutorials are amazing, everyone I've tried has been success so far, and they come out so well. Thank you. Just wondering what video editing software you use to trim clips for gifs. I was using quicktime (the trim facility) until it suddenly stopped working.

This is just so rad. Thanks, Hun. Good to know you enjoy my tutorials and they are making pretty edits with them. I’m going through your edits page right now. Reblog spree. But you should know I don’t trim my clips when making Gifs I just use KM player but if you are looking for a good trimming software try this.  It’s a converter and trimmer in one. I use it to convert movies and occasionally cut scenes for video editing. This should work for you. If it doesn’t here’s another PC friendly virus free software for you.Here

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PSD 18 → mf

*contains vibrance. This is a basic psd used for most scenes and should be used for low lighting scenes. 

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PSD 17 → mf

*contains vibrance. This is a basic psd used for very dark screen caps to brighten and add a slight color.

PSD 17 mf

*contains vibrance. This is a basic psd used for very dark screen caps to brighten and add a slight color.

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Action1  → mf

*works on up to 48 frames 

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unfjongin said: hey i can't find the motion blur in my ps , i searched for it but i cant find it

Before I can help you. Answer these questions. What version of Photoshop are you using? Do you have the others blurs (Gaussian, Blur More, Radius blur and e.t.c)? - Alex 


psd 16 → MF

*contains  vibrance, a psd for ‘Multifandom’. Works best with most picture adjust brightness and vibrance for some. Best used for bringing color.

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